Shared Web Hosting


Shared web hosting is so common these days in the online world. There are practically unlimited web hosting services that are offering shared hosting services and plans which are very beneficial for business websites and personal blogging. Generally, you may define shared web hosting as a kind of service where one server is shared by various sites.

Each site is allocated separate place/partition on the server in order to keep its distinctiveness from other sites. While the key thing is that, every site is sharing common sufficient resources such as server connected CPU, storage space as well as data transfer and the likes, it’s the secure and at the same time, most reasonable option for hosting because many site owners are sharing overall cost of the server management and installation.

Today, there are many kinds of shared web hosting available offered by different hosting companies like for example database access and programming languages and two of the major shared hosting are Windows-based and Linux-based hosting.

There are some hosting service providers that offer Windows based shared hosting in different parts of the world as its performance is lower compared to Linux based hosting servers. The latter on the other hand is now deemed as the cheapest and most popular hosting solution. Because in Linux, the server is running on cPanel that is running under Linux OS. High performance, compatibility, flexibility as well as affordability are only some key features of Linux based hosting services. In general, a great service package is offering 150gb of disk space with at least 2gb of bandwidth as well uptime of 99.95 percent.

Offering lots of benefits, Linux web hosting is advantageous to all sizes and kinds of businesses be it a large organization or just a startup. Some of the benefits for this web hosting option include but not limited to:

A small business doesn’t need to have big budget to get a hosting server for their page. Shared hosting makes it feasible for small business owners to buy a server that will host their website from. The fastest web hosting can help them in getting strong presence online at a price they can afford.

Linux based shared hosting is favorable for those who are only starting their new sites like blog pages. People rarely can afford to buy a dedicated hosting server for their blogging sites but shared web hosting can make this dream a reality. With this kind of hosting, they will be able to have their blogging page up online.


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